Connie’s Labs, Synergy & Healing Blend Oil, 1500 mg - 1 oz. (30 ml)

Connie’s Labs, Synergy & Healing Blend Oil, 1500 mg - 1 oz. (30 ml)

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  • 100% Pure Organic Hemp Oil Extract 
  • 20x More Potent Than Hemp Seed Oil
  • Blended For Optimum Absorption & Enhanced Bioavailability
  • For Pain Relief, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Stress, Better Sleep and More..
  • Made With Colorado Grown Organic Hemp
  • CO2 Extracted & Lab Tested
  • Party Tested for Safety and Purity
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free
  • Non-psychoactive and Legal Nationwide
  • One Drop A Day Keeps The Doctor Away! 
    *This product is concentrated to approximately 50 mg extract per milliliter of oil.

One Drop A Day Keeps The Doctor Away! 

Our potent formula has 25mg of organic hemp oil extract per serving. Daily use should help reduce pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, improve mood, energy & more. It’s not a “magic potion”, but it does come pretty close!

Considered “natures most perfectly balanced oil”, hemp oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. Our hemp is ALL Organically grown only from certified Colorado Hemp Farms. Every batch is lab tested to ensure safety and potency.

Connie’s Labs, Synergy & Healing Blend Oil is the finest, most consistent cannabidiol-rich hemp oil in the world. This product has extensive and powerful benefits on your health for both men & women when included in your daily lifestyle. 

  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety
  • Supports Menopausal and Hormonal healthPromoting Recovery from Post-Workout Training
  • Boosts Immunity and Gut Health
  • Relieves Pain & Inflammation related to Knee, Back, Joints, Arthritis, Hands & Feet
  • Better Sleep & Relieves Insomnia
  • Encouraging Enhanced Cognition and Focus
  • Enhance Brain Function and Mood
  • Relieves Migraines, Headaches & Sinus

Hemp oil juice drops are easy to take unlike large fish oil supplement pills. Just place a one dropper full of hemp oil under tongue or add to your favorite drink, smoothie, salad dressing, or other daily hit. Easily travel the roads to a better life.

Hemp oil can also be used to clean and moisturize your face and facial area, skin or hair. As a skin moisturizer, just add a few drops to your face cleaner and rinse off with warm water. Can also be added to hair conditioner to treat dull and dry hair.





Suggested Use:
Shake well before each use. We recommend holding your preferred dose under the tongue for approximately 30 seconds before swallowing, to experience the dose’s full effects. If you are sensitive to flavors or just don’t prefer the taste of this oil, try putting it into a beverage. Our Blend Oil mixes in well with many drinks.

One serving of 0.5mL (1/2 dropper) provides approx. 25mg extracts.
*The intake will vary for every individual. Because each person will process our blend oil at a different rate, we recommend starting with a lower measurement and adjusting accordingly.

Medium-Chain Triglyceride MCT Oil (Coconut derived), Sunflower Lecithin, Hemp Seed Oil, Glycerin, Kosher-Grade Vegetable, Proprietary Terpene Blend.

Do not keep this oil chilled or in cold storage at any time. The change in consistency may be a result of the coconut oil transforming with temperature changes. 
Store your oil dropper bottle in a cool, dry place – away from excessive heat, light, and/or moisture.